Apart from volunteering and doing your internship you should, of course, also see something from the country. In order for you to combine your work with recreational activities we assorted some tours for you which will take place every weekend but can also be arranged individually.

Napuru Waterfall – full day

Starting from the Hostel we will go for a a three hours hike to the waterfall through villages and wonderful nature, including forests and hills. If we are lucky we will be able to see many birds and monkeys. At the waterfall we will have lunch and swim (for sure only if you like to). It will take about two hours to walk back to the Hostel.

Lake Duluti & Forest Walk – half day

Lake Duluti is situated about 10 kilometres away from the  busy town. The lake is surrounded by a great forest. After a two hours walk around the lake through a forest offering the opportunity to see birds, different plants and probably monkeys we will have lunch at the lake, play cards, drink a soda or simply enjoy the view.

Ngongongare Forest Walk – full day

We will make our way to Arusha National Park and do a full day hiking tour in the forest right next to the Park. You will have the chance to see game and other animals. Additionally, if you want you can visit “Mbwa wa Africa”, an animal shelter mostly taking care of dogs, which is run by two Germans.

Meserani Snake Park – full day

The snake park is located in Monduli, which is already part of the Maasai Land. You will get to see on of the most venomous snakes in Africa! Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to visit the is Maasai Cultural Museum and do camel riding.

Oldonyo Sambu Maasai Market – full day (Only On Saturdays)

We will leave the busy city behind us driving towards Nairobi, where Oldonyo Sambu is situated in the Maasai Land. On the market you will get the chance to buy Maasai blankets and jewellery and see how food and different animals are traded.

Chemka Hot Springs (Maji Moto) – full day

The hot springs are located on the way to Moshi. From the main road it will take 30 minutes to the Hot Springs, which are surrounded by a stunning nature. The water is well tempered and invites visitors to swim However, you can also just relax and discover the area around the springs and admire Mount Kilimanjaro from far.

This tour can also be done as a sleepover trip with camping. Ask us for details!

Moshi town & Marangu Waterfalls – full day

We will have an early start in the morning and leave the Hostel driving towards Moshi. If the sky is clear you will be able to take a glimpse at Mount Kilimanjaro. In Moshi you will get the chance to see the town and do some shopping. From Moshi we continue to Marangu where we will start our hiking tour to one of the waterfalls. Marangu is close to Kilimanjaro National Park and rich in nature. You will get to see birds, butterflies, green and lush nature, and if lucky, monkeys.

You are not interested in working in a project but still want to participate in our tours? No problem! Simply write an email.