Here we want to answer frequently asked questions. If there are still any remaining questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

1. Everything that’s important prior to arrival
Which vaccinations are needed? Should I take a malaria prophylaxe?
We are neither a doctor nor tropical medicine experts best is to make an appointment and get advise. Further information might also be found on your Foreign Ministry’s website and/or the World Health Organization’s website (WHO). Some advices can be found in our handbook.

Which visa do I need?
You will enter the country with the tourist visa, which most of you can get at the airport for 50 $ (100 $ for US-Americans). During your time as volunteers or interns you need a STP-visa (200 $ for three month, can be renewed once, or a Resident Permit C (1000$ for stay from six month to two years).

What’s about an insurance?
We recommend you to have an insurance for your time in Tanzania. Health care is not expensive but in case of any greater emergency your insurance can even take you back to your home country for better treatment. Please contact your local insurance for advice on which foreign health insurance is the best for you.

What’s the exchange rate from Euro, Pound and Dollar to Tanzanian Shilling?
Fluctuation in the exchange rate are common but currently

1 Euro = 2.600 Tsh
1 GBP = 2.900 Tsh
1 Dollar = 2.200 Tsh
(September 2017)

Which languages do they speak in Tanzania?
English and Swahili are both official languages in Tanzania, although English is not widely spread in the population. We will make sure that there is at least on person in every project who speaks english and at the same time, you will have the chance to learn Swahili while in Arusha to make your everyday life easier.

Everything that’s important during your stay:

How do I have access to money?
ATM’s are widely spread in town. The best is to have a Visa Card. Mastercards don’t work with all ATM’s and you should not bring TravellerChecks since it’s almost impossible to exchange them to cash.

Is there a washing mashine in the hostel?
Washing mashines are not common in Tanzania. That means that either you wash your clothes by hand or our maid can wash them for you for a small fee.

How can I stay in contact with my friends and family?
Sim cards cost as little as 1.000 Tsh and you can get them everywhere. While on the orientation tour, we will buy one with you so that you can make cheap phone calls, send messages and can use internet while staying in Arusha.

How much extra money do I need to plan per week?
That’s a question we actually can’t answer because it depends on your personal spending habit. However, we want to give you an idea about prices for your orientation: a bus ride in town cost  400 Tsh, Motorbike taxis start from 1.000 Tsh, Taxis from 3.000 Tsh onward. Local meals start from 2.500 Tsh and if you are looking for Western food you have to calculate around 15.000 Tsh. A beer cost between 2.500 and 5.000 Tsh, Cocktails start from 10.000 Tsh. Fabrics for the tailor are starting from 12.000 Tsh, and tailor made clothes start from 10.000 Tsh. Souvenirs you can find from 3.000 Tsh onward.

All about the hostel and your project:

How is the security in the hostel and Arusha?
Our house is secured through a more then two meter high wall, a 24/7 security guard and our two dogs.
Like everywhere in the world you are safe if you stick to basic rules like taking a taxi when its dark rather than walking. But don’t worry, once you are here we will let you know all Do’s and Dont’s

Like everywhere in the world you are safe if you stick to basic rules like taking a taxi when its dark rather than walking. Since we are living together we can teach you all Do’s and Don’ts.

What kind of requirements do I need to participate in the projects from Viva Tanzania?
Generally you don’t need specific previous knowledge to participate in our projects, but you should be open to new cultures and other ways of life and have at least basic English knowledge. If you are creative, resilient and tidy all the better! Should you meet certain requirements for a project, you can refer to the project descriptions.

What’s the minimum/maximum time I can collaborate in a project?
First of all: The longer you work in a project, the more you and the project benefit. The first days will be for settling in: How do I get to the project? What are my tasks? Where can I help?
Nevertheless, we want to take into account the situation of our volunteers and interns, so that participation as short as two weeks is possible. Due to visa regulations you can spend a maximum of two years as a volunteer or intern in Tanzania.

How will I be accommodated?
You will be accommodated in dorms with up to four people in total. We will try to distribute the rooms based on gender but we can not guarantee this. If accommodation in a single room is desired (extra charge) please let us know in the registration form.