The Project

The animals shelter was launched in 2013. The need of more adequate animal care and education of the population in and around Arusha is huge!
Always, there are 20-30 dogs, at least half of them puppies and a handful of cats. The shelter has a cat kennel, four dogs kennel, and two quarantine kennel where injured dogs and/or newcomers are being taken care of. Besides the two German founders, there are two Tanzanian staff members who care for the dogs.
The future plan is to rent an additional site in order to be able to provide for more dogs and perform spaying and neutering themselves.

Your work

Besides caring, educating, playing and walking the dogs the creativity of the volunteers and interns is not limited. You can become active in the area of marketing and fundraising. Currently there is an education program running in which interested participants can teach “animal welfare” in various schools in the area of the shelter. Mbwa wa Africa works together closely with the World Wide Vetenary Service and Mission Rabies and in irregular intervals vaccination and spaying and neutering campaigns are carried out, in which every helping hand is useful. Working hours will be discussed individually.

Previous Knowledge

Volunteers and interns do not need any prior experience, nevertheless basic english knowledge, openness and love of animals are required. In addition, you shall not be afraid of dogs and dirt because for sure, you will become dirty!


The shelter is located approximately 30 kilometers from the house at the outskirts of the Arusha National Park. Due to the distance and the related transport costs it is also possible to combine this project with another one. In addition, the volunteers and interns should have a rabies vaccination. In this project lunch will not be provided.