The Project

“New Hope for Street Youth of Arusha” was founded by the Tanzanian Ayubu Kazana in 2013. Ayubu’s parents died when we was very young and he was raised without them. He got his primary education in Kenya and only went to secondary school in Tanzania. Currently he is working as a medical representative and wants to support children and youth in need. The German association “Hilfe für Afrika Hilden e.V.” (“Help for Africa”) under Engelbert Kremers supported the young adults with health insurance, renting land and an office and donated sewing machines.
Ayubu is currently supervising three different projects within the NGO:

  1. New Hope Kindergarten
  2. New Hope Street Youth Farming Project
  3. New Hope Women Empowerment Project

New Hope Kindergarten

In this kindergarten 25 children between the age of three to six years are being supervised. The children are coming from the nearby poor neighbourhood. Only half of the parents can afford to pay the little contribution they are asked for in order to help the kindergarten running and to provide basic care. The children are being taught in the subjects English, reading, writing and mathematics.

New Hope Street Youth Farming Project

About ten male teenagers and young adults participate in the farming project. The men are coming from various backgrounds like being homeless, working as day labourer and being/used to be drug addicts. One farming assists supervises them. The project rented three acres where they grow beans, cucumbers, green pepper and saroo, a local vegetable.

New Hope Women Empowerment

About seven young women are getting trained as tailors. The women are coming from various backgrounds like being homeless, working as day labourer or prostitutes and being/used to be drug addicts. One tailor is supervising them. At the moment they are having three sewing machine. One of the women is currently going to school and completing her secondary education.

Your work

You can choose among one of the projects within New Hope or shift between them. In general setting up a website and doing fundraising can be an essential part of your work.

Kindergarten: If working in the kindergarten you will support the teacher in their every day routine like teaching and taking care of the children. You can conduct different activities according to your skills and interest and help to let the kindergarten grow.

Farming project: You will help in the farming process from plating to maintaining to harvesting and selling the products. You can also organize afternoon activities, like football games. Apart from that you can engage in teaching English and live skills. Every weekend the young adults have to report about the progress of the work. It will be your job to organize this weekly meetings.

Tailoring project: You will help to teach the girls sewing and assist in tailoring. Also here you can teach and give computer lessons and English, as well as getting engaged in product development, creating new designs and do marketing

Previous Knowledge

Depending on which project you want to work in it could be helpful if you have a background or interest in agriculture, sewing, product development, design, marketing, teaching and/or fundraising


The young adults are coming from various backgrounds like poverty, drug abuse and prostitution. You should be sensitive and open-minded.