Pippi House Foundation

The Project

This foundation was founded in 2011 by Aristides Nshange who saw a great need to care for homeless girls and young women and their children. The foundation runs a women’s shelter, where more than 50 girls and women between the ages of 12 and 24 are cared for together with their children. They are all given the opportunity to attend school or to get an education depending on their age. The girls and women come to the shelter to escape poverty, homelessness and other dangerous living conditions. Many of the inhabitants were forced to marry and/or are victims of human trafficking, domestic violence and physical and/or sexual abuse. All girls and young mothers can get medical assistance, counselling and advocacy. The plan is that all girl go to school, finish their education and start vocational training as tailor, hair dresser or supporting the Pippi House itself.

Your work

The tasks of the volunteers are diverse and mostly freely selectable. You can teach English and mathematics, give tuitions, create sporting and handcraft offers in the afternoons, plan and coordinate fun and social activities for the girls, offer cooking classes, teach computer skills, provide health and education services, support administrative tasks, improve and maintain the website, do marketing, fundraising and much more.
The working hours are usually Monday to Friday from 9 am to 3 pm. The can be reached easily by bus.
Support our teams and projects and help us improve the situation of disadvantaged Tanzanians. Embrace a breathtaking land and a new culture. Teach and learn from one another.
The effects and changes that your work brings about can be experienced by yourself depending on the length of your stay. Either way, you will make your contribution to the improvement of women’s lives and have fun at the same time.


Keep in mind that the girls and women were victims of human trafficking, were raped or experienced other horrible things. Please be confidential about what you learn about the girls and be sensitive about their background. Don’t ask them anything, which could make them feel uncomfortable. The women shelter is a safe space for them.