Volunteering and Internships are great opportunities to get to know a country in a different way other than tourists. You will support the Tanzanian team in one (or more) of our projects in the fields of Education, Social, Health or Women Empowerment and gain valuable work experiences. You will find out first-hand what it means to be foreign in a country and make exciting intercultural experience that will be useful for your future life.

Whether you help out in a kindergarten teaching and playing with the children, gain medical experience in a hospital or plant vegetables with the street children; everybody can involve his/her knowledge and act according to their interests. At the same time it is also important to be open for a new culture, new language and other ways of living. But don’t worry, you will be never left alone! Together with Tini and Tizia you will have the chance to explain your problems and concerns as often as required. They put great emphasis on excellent service, since they both know how important this is to make your stay to one of the best experiences in your life. Of course they will also make sure that during your stay with them you will have enough time to go on safari, climb one of the mountains, or participate on any of the many day trips.

Our Projects