The Project

People with disabilities face many challenges in Tanzanian society. Stereotypes are strong, there is a lack of government’s support for children with special needs and inadequate education is a day by day challenge. A great number of disabled children still stay at home. Private institutions are very rare to find and many facilities like appropriate therapy and schools do not exist. There is where Step by Step Learning Centre (SSLC) play a fundamental role. Founded in 2005, by Margaret Kenyi, a proud and caring mother of a Special Needs child, the SSLC emphasizes on enabling children with learning difficulties to learn in a quality special needs programme being provided in an inclusive school environment. Currently taking care of 15 students supervised by a team of seven staff members, the Centre does not only support the children with learning difficulties, but also, it is a welcoming environment to their parents and siblings.

Your work

Work is performed in a diverse range of areas such as assisting the Special Education teachers and trainers, painting and repairing/renovating the classrooms and toilets, construction of an irrigation system for the crops and trees, extension of the chicken project, completion of the fish pond and seeding with young fish, purchase and fixing of more bee hives, improving the health and care of the trees.

Previous knowledge

Everybody is welcome to support this special project, nevertheless special needs students/teachers, physio-, speech, occupational and any other therapist as well as craftspeople are specially required.


If you have a certain project in mind, you are welcome to fundraise beforehand to implement it, as financial resources are limited in the school. For volunteers and interns who can train the staff and/or assist in the classrooms long term stays (at least three month) are preferred. For outdoor projects everyone who is interest and might has knowledge of for example irrigation, livestock or agriculture is welcomed.