Little Stars Learning Centre

The Project

In April 2015, a group of motivated teachers worked together to open a small kindergarten for children aged two to five years old. The aim of this institution is to allow the mothers to work during the day so they can increase the family’s income while their children are being taken care of in this lovely kindergarten. The parents loved the work of the caretakers so much that they supported the teachers in opening up a primary school too. Now, the former children of the Little Star kindergarten are attending the Little Star primary school. The children receive a great private education in this colorful educational institution and can express themselves creatively at times. All children are offered the same opportunities regardless of their age and abilities, but please keep in mind that working in a Tanzanian school and kindergarten is a totally different experience than at home. Things like punishment and poorly equipped classrooms are normal. The language spoken for both projects is English, which all of the teachers speak fluently.

Your Work

The kindergarten is open from 8am to 5pm, and the school from 8am to 3pm. After finishing your work at the school, you can either take the school bus back home or use public transport. The exact duration of work will be discussed individually with you as all the work here is flexible and you choose your hours. During your time with Little Stars, you will play with the children, get them used to speaking in English and help them with their daily routines. Furthermore, you will play educational games, read books, sing and lead their activities.  The children and teachers will welcome you into their young team and you do not need any serious previous knowledge as long as you bring enthusiasm and a passion to improve children’s lives. One of the teachers for the new primary school is Elizabeth and she is one of our host families who would love to welcome you into her home, daily life and daily working routine. This project is open to everybody who has some experience with child care. This can be from taking care of younger siblings, babysitting, leading of youth groups etc but they don’t require professional training. However, if you are a trained educator or teacher, you could be active in the training of the local professionals.

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