Daketi tours & excursions in Tanzania

Daketi Safari leads you through the breathtaking flora and fauna of Tanzania. Marvel at the most beautiful places of the country, experience the different tribes and ethnic groups up close and enjoy with us a hike through the impressive mountain landscape in the North.

Daketi means Zebra in the ethnic group of the “Iraqw” from which the founder of Daketi Safari comes from. As individual as the stripes of a Zebra can be – that’s how individual we can design your trip! Whether it is a camping safari in the vast expanses of the Serengeti, an extensive trip across Tanzania or a hike to the summit of Kilimanjaro – We are ready for any adventure with you!

No matter what you will decide ultimately for, Daketi Safari professionally guides you all the way from the start to the end of your trip! So you get your individual memories of wonderful Tanzania.

Daketi safaris Tanzania

Wildlife safaris

Have you been thrilled with the desire of traveling? Soothe your wanderlust with an exotic and adventurous wildlife safari. A wildlife safari gives you the ...
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yoga safaris in Tanzania

Yoga safaris

Yoga Safari Tanzania knows that in our fast-paced life we are often distracted. We rarely do remember to witness and connect to what is truly ...
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trekking tour Tanzania


What could be better than standing on top of a mountain in Tanzania and marvel at the sunrise and the vastness of Africa? Daketi Safari ...
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round trip Tanzania

Round trip

Tanzania overwhelms tourists with untouched flora and fauna. The people, the green landscapes and white beaches, the cold of the rain and the heat of ...
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day trips Tanzania Daketi

Day trips

Daketi Safari offers a variety of day trips. Prices are individual and include all charges, fees, transportation costs and a lunch box.
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