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Tanzania overwhelms tourists with untouched flora and fauna. The people, the green landscapes and white beaches, the cold of the rain and the heat of the sunshine make the country so unique.

Daketi Safari would like to show you the beauties of Northern Tanzania and create unforgettable memories.
We offer individual round trips from a few days up to several weeks. If you are interested, we can put together an adventurous tour for you.

This is the first option what a trip around the North of Tanzania could look like.


We will bring you to the accommodation, discuss all the details of your tour and introduce you to your tour guide.
You will be picked up by your guide in the morning and then be driven to the hot springs between Arusha and Moshi (drive approx. 2 hours).

The drive from Moshi to Lushoto takes around 6 hours.

We will arrive in Lushoto approximately in the afternoon. There we can relax from the car ride and admire the fresh air and the beautiful view over the Usambara mountains from the accommodation.

The next day, after breakfast, we leave early for a day hike through the rainforest and to a waterfall. In the evening, we will watch the colorful sunset from a viewing point.

The drive from Lushoto to Tanga takes about 2 hours.
In the city of Tanga we do a city tour. The next day we visit the Amboni Caves and relax at the beach of Tanga.

After breakfast at the hostel, we leave for Muheza, which is located in the forest area of the Magoronto Forest. Muheza is a small town about 35 km from Tanga. There is a lot to do and see in the Magoronto Forest. We could do a spice tour, a village tour, a walk through the forest, or a fishing tour or also a bicycle tour.
Pangani is located on a paradisiacal beach: Ushongo Beach on the Indian Ocean. There we can relax and unwind. We can also optionally take a boat trip to a nearby small island and snorkel.
Bagamoyo is one of the oldest places in Tanzania. In Bagamoyo we can visit a Catholic museum, a German colonial administration building (Old Boma), mosques, the Kaole ruins and do a city tour.

After breakfast we drive from Bagamoyo to Dar es Salaam. In Dar es Salaam there are no more activities included.

This is the second option what a trip around the North of Tanzania could look like.


In the morning we drive from your accommodation to the hot springs, which are in the same direction as Moshi. The springs are surrounded by beautiful nature. The water has a pleasantly warm temperature, which invites you to swim or just relax and explore the surroundings.
After a short drive from the town of Moshi to the village of Materuni, we start our hike to Materuni waterfall which has a height of over 80 meters. The water comes directly from the glaciers of Kilimanjaro and invites you to swim. Afterward, we continue our way to a coffee plantation. Here you will learn how coffee grows and is harvested. You will roast your own coffee, grind it and drink it afterwards.
In the morning we set off for a Maasai village. In the village, we are welcomed by the local Maasai. They show us around and tell us a lot about their traditions and (former) way of life. We will also do a 'bushwalk' to learn more about the different plants which the Maasai use as medicine. On our way of returning to the village, we will have a delicious lunch. If you like, you can learn a lot about local dances, the Maa-language and other traditions.
We drive from the Maasai village to Lake Natron. During the seven-hour drive, you can enjoy the landscape of Northern Tanzania and with a bit of luck spot some zebras and buffalos on the way to the lake. Lake Natron, an alkaline lake only a few centimeters deep, is home to flamingos and much other wildlife. At the foot of the lakes, you can see Oldonyo Lengai, the sacred mountain of the Maasai. In its volcanic rock you can find 120,000-year-old footprints.
After breakfast we set off to explore the surroundings of the lake. A hike to the waterfall, with the option to swim there, as well as a hike to Lake Natron itself is planned! Around midnight another optional highlight awaits you: You have the possibility to climb Oldonyo Lengai. The ascent to the volcano takes six to seven hours, so you'll arrive at the summit at sunrise.
After breakfast we leave for the small town of Babati. The journey takes around seven hours. Once there, we can relax in the hotel or go on a discovery tour through the city.
You can choose between a boat trip on Lake Babati, where you can observe birds and with a bit of luck hippos, or you can climb Mount Hanang, the fourth highest mountain in Tanzania with a height of 3,418 meters.
After breakfast we drive from Babati to Kondoa, a small town not far from the capital Dodoma. After the nearly two-hour drive, we go on a city tour or have time in the hotel to recover from the strains of the mountain ascents.
We visit several thousand-year-old rock paintings in Kondoa. We also learn a lot about the two ethnic groups Hadzabe and Sandawe, the last hunters and collectors of Tanzania. It is assumed that people of these ethnicities painted the rocks with different materials.
We drive from the hot interior into the cooler Usambara mountains around Lushoto. The trip takes around eight hours. You can lay back, reflect upon the first days of this tour and see how the landscape is changing.
After a rich breakfast on the Irente Farm, we start our day hike through the Magamba Rainforest and to a waterfall. Here we have the opportunity to observe chameleons, butterflies and many different birds. In the evening we end the day at Irente View Point with a cold drink.
After breakfast we leave for Magoroto Forest, a relic of German colonial history. In 1896, German settlers opened various plantations here, which today house a freshwater lake and a large forest area. In the forest area, we have different possibilities to explore the surroundings: Spice tours, guided tours through the neighboring village, hiking, cycling, fishing on the lake and many other options.
In consultation with your guide and driver, you will be able to do more of the above-mentioned activities today and gather great impressions.
Today the driver will take you to Dar es Salaam in a six-hour drive. Here we will have to say goodbye to you. Your guide can take you to the ferry terminal in case you want to take the afternoon ferry to Zanzibar.

Daketi Safari also offers several other tours that are not on the website or can create an individual trip for you. We can give you advice on suitable trips. Please contact us for more information and details. 

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