Msovi Farm

The Project

The Msovi Farm in Mto wa Mbu was established in 2018 by Issac Myonga. “Msovi” means “the blessed one” in Bena, Issac’s tribe.

The aim of this project is to help the community to have a sustainable income to support their daily needs like food, water and shelter. But not only income is provided through the Msovi Farm but the project also helps farmers in different aspects of their lives, for example filling the current gap of knowledge across the village about occurrence, biology, and management of downy mildews as they are lacking modern, efficient leafy greens production systems. This leads to a limitation of farm revenue and profitability, and therefore fresh, local greens are not available year round.

Currently the farm has two full time employees and four part time employees.

Most people living around the community highly depend on agriculture both directly and indirectly to earn their income. The vision of Issac is to improved rural livelihoods and support the provision of enough food products in Tanzania.

His goal is to be a leader in implementing agricultural production technologies that maintain economic efficiency, agricultural sustainability, and complement cropping and livestock production activities. Currently the Msovi Farm is growing different types vegetables for example tomatoes, green pepper, bananas, eggplant, bitter tomatoes, lettuce, zucchini, maize and beans.

Msovi Farm volunteering in Tanzania
Msovi Farm volunteering in Tanzania
Msovi Farm volunteering in Tanzania

Your Work

Working days/hours are Monday to Friday from 8am to 12pm & from 3pm to 5pm.
Local lunch is provided.

Daily activities include:

  • helping with farm work (e.g. planting, harvesting, pull weeds, farm preparation, applying fertilizer, irrigation of the farm & much more)
  • installing & maintaining  the drip irrigation system
  • teaching English to the employees
  • marketing the farm products to lodges in Mto wa Mbu and whole Tanzania
  • selling farm products at local markets
  • development & improvement of current farming practices (e.g. introducing new farming techniques to increase yields and control the growth of weeds, simplify work, teaching the farm staff environmentally friendly farming,etc.)

No previous experience necessary

At Msovi Farm there is something for everyone!
Whether you have a background in agriculture, marketing, teaching or not, Issac and his family are welcoming you at their farm and appreciate anything you can give. This is the perfect chance for you to experience life in an Tanzanian village in a safe environment.

The project is located in Mto wa Mbu, about 100 km from Arusha where the head office from Viva Tanzania is based. The founders & volunteer coordinators will be meeting you on a regular basis. You will be living with Issac and his family. Since their farm is surrounding their house there will be no costs for transport.

Founder’s interview:

Read our


"I really enjoyed my voluntary service at Viva Tanzania and, even though my time there was short, I was able to gain great experiences and meet new people. I particularly liked the friendly and informal atmosphere in the villa. I had the feeling that I always had a contact person for all my questions and concerns and all my wishes regarding the excursions were taken into account. I felt very comfortable from day one, everyone was so friendly and helpful and the food at the hostel is really delicious - a big compliment to the mamas and Magga the cook! As far as my project is concerned, I received great support from everyone right from the start. Firstly, the town tour was particularly helpful to get a first insight into the Dala Dalas (minibuses). Secondly, it was great that I was accompanied to the project on my first day. Many thanks for that.All in all, the 2 weeks were really a great experience for me - as I said, unfortunately a bit short, but I was still able to gain intensive insights into life in Tanzania and experience great moments - the safari in particular was an unforgettable experience.I am sure that we will meet again in the next few years - above all, I would like to climb Kilimanjaro one day, which has stayed with me ever since I saw it.Until then, I wish you and your entire team all the best!Keep up the good work - you are really great!"
Marco, 32
Msovi Farm volunteering in Tanzania
Msovi Farm volunteering in Tanzania
Msovi Farm volunteering in Tanzania
Msovi Farm volunteering in Tanzania
Msovi Farm volunteering in Tanzania
Msovi Farm volunteering in Tanzania

Project price

2 weeks:650€
3 weeks:850€
4 weeks:1.050€
Every additional week:200€


You can choose between a single room or four-bed room in the hostel.

Project length

The minimum stay is two weeks. Due to visa regulations you can spend a maximum of two years as a volunteer in Tanzania.

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