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Jithubutu Social & Cultural Centre

The Project

The Jithubutu Social and Cultural Centre was founded by Cristina Mazo in Tanzania to address the lack of educational and recreational opportunities for young people. Officially registered under the Samaritan Initiative Organization, the center opened its doors in October 2022. During her volunteer work, Cristina noticed that youth lacked access to books, language courses, creative outlets, and safe gathering spaces. She decided to address these needs by creating a space where young people can learn, meet, and express themselves. Jithubutu serves as a hub for exchange, education, and mutual support for youth with diverse interests and backgrounds.


The goal of the Jithubutu Cultural Social & Centre in Arusha, Tanzania, is to establish an urban center where young people can spend time together and exchange skills through activities such as language courses, entrepreneurship workshops, dance, library access, and board games.


  • Help youth utilize their time productively and steer clear of risky behaviors.
  • Provide access to culture and enhance young people’s skills through diverse activities to improve their career prospects.
  • Serve as a springboard for new talents in dance, music, urban art, and audiovisual creation.
Jithubutu Social & Cultural Centre
Jithubutu Social & Cultural Centre
Jithubutu Social & Cultural Centre

Your Work

Volunteer experience video:

Kukua Pamoja Tanzania


Volunteer work hours at Jithubutu vary depending on the chosen activity and duration of commitment. The center operates Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 7:30 pm and Saturday from 11:00 am to 6:30 pm, with peak hours typically after 1:00 pm. Specific working hours will be agreed upon based on the volunteer’s activities and the center’s needs.

Daily Activities

Daily activities for volunteers at Jithubutu include:

  • Developing and structuring English and Spanish language programs.
  • Teaching basic English and Spanish, and other languages if available.
  • Motivating youth to participate in activities such as games, dancing, and reading.
  • Maintaining and updating laptops, and providing computer assistance.
  • Social media management, including content creation, communication, and training.
  • Assisting with marketing activities, fundraising, and database maintenance.
  • Organizing skill-building workshops and craft activities.
  • Participating in visits to other centers and organizing events.
  • Launching a children’s activity program on Saturdays.
  • Flexibility for additional ideas and volunteer activities.


Currently, Jithubutu does not have the means or support to provide meals to our volunteers or contributors. However, efforts are being made to improve the financial situation to offer this support in the future. Instead, free activities are offered for volunteers.

Free Activities

  • Kiswahili courses
  • Daily dance sessions: Warm-up from 4:30 pm to 5:00 pm, dance lessons from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm (Afro dance, Amapiano, traditional dance, contemporary dance…)
  • English or other language courses, if available.
  • Free Wi-Fi at Jithubutu facilities.


Villa Viva is located approximately a 20-minute walk from the Jithubutu center. Alternatively, public transportation options such as Dala Dala (local bus), Bajaji (Tuk-Tuk), or Bodaboda (Moto-Taxi) are available to reach the center.

Who Can Volunteer?

At Jithubutu, everyone with skills to share is welcome, with no restrictions on age or time. However, volunteers should have a minimum level of English or Spanish to communicate with the administration and team. The required language proficiency varies depending on the volunteer’s role.

Founder’s interview:

Jithubutu Social & Cultural Centre
Jithubutu Social & Cultural Centre
Jithubutu Social & Cultural Centre

Project price

2 weeks:650€
3 weeks:850€
4 weeks:1.050€
Every additional week:200€


You can choose between a single room or four-bed room in the hostel.

Project length

The minimum stay is two weeks. Due to visa regulations you can spend a maximum of two years as a volunteer in Tanzania.

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