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Travel with a purpose by contributing to meaningful projects.

Founded in 2015, Viva Tanzania has hosted over 3000 volunteers and interns from all over the world. We provide our volunteers and interns with extensive on-going support which includes airport pick-ups, an orientation tour of Arusha, project orientations, secure accommodation and 24/7 support from our team of volunteer coordinators.

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Viva Tanzania about us

Volunteer in Tanzania with confidence.

We support international volunteers and interns in locally-led, community based initiatives in Tanzania.

Make a valuable contribution whilst experiencing a new culture and approach to life.

We want you to experience Tanzania in an authentic and meaningful way. We understand it is not easy to travel in a foreign environment on your own. We have a team of Volunteer Coordinators who provide encouragement and support, to ensure your success. And we offer day trips, mountain climbs and safaris so you can make the most of your experience.

This is why

You should choose us

We are experienced

Our Tanzanian team members grew up in Arusha and are trained in education and tourism. Our German team members have all worked as volunteers or interns in Tanzania. This combination of knowledge and experience helps us excel at what we do. Our projects are built, grown and developed hand-in-hand with local communities to make a lasting impact.

We care

Our volunteer coordinators have been volunteers or interns themselves. So they understand the challenges you may face, and provide encouragement and support, to ensure your success. We provide a personalised service, we greet you at the airport, take you on a walking tour of the city personalised to your individual needs, help you buy a local sim card, show you how to use public transport, and take you to your project on your first day of work. There will always be at least one member of our team at the hostel to help you.

We are responsible

Our team members earn a decent wage enabling them to provide for their families. And we pay the school fees for their children too. As well we support our projects through the work of our volunteers and interns, and through various donation channels. Our projects are carefully chosen to create and empower effective and sustainable local development.

FireShot Capture 887 - (28) Volunteering in Tanzania with Viva Tanzania - YouTube - www.youtube.com

Unlike in other organizations you will get to know the person who stands behind the website, the emails and the whole organization personally at your first day in Arusha. The communal life and daily dinners guarantee an excellent local support.

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FireShot Capture 887 - (28) Volunteering in Tanzania with Viva Tanzania - YouTube - www.youtube.com

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"The hospital, Selian Hospital, where I volunteered at, taught me a lot about the practice of western medicine. Even though the hospital could not afford many of the high-cost equipment and medicines, I learned that they instead make do with creative workarounds. For example, gloves are used at tourniquets. The stay was also very hospitable. Tizia and all her staff are kind and welcoming. I would recommend this trip to anybody looking to get a brief introduction to medicine in developing countries."
Chase Ying Yuan, 23
United States of America, 2023

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