Terms and Conditions

The following document provides information about the terms and conditions to participate in the Viva Tanzania programs as a volunteer or an intern, hereinafter “participants”. Everyone above 18 years of age, who is mentally and physically able, is allowed to participate in our programs. Minors need a written declaration of consent from parents.  A maximum age limit does not exist.

1.Registration and payment of registration and program fee
After the participants chose a project, their registration is considered binding upon filling in the registration form on our website. Within a maximum of three working days the registration will be confirmed by Viva Tanzania. After the confirmation the registration fee has to be paid within one week via PayPal. By confirming the application and by paying the registration fee the participant and Viva Tanzania enter a contract which does not require any further written form. After we received the payment, we will provide the participant with our two handbooks with lots of information regarding their stay in Arusha with Viva Tanzania. No later than six weeks prior to arrival the program fee, depending on the program duration, must be paid via PayPal. Different methods of payment for the program fee, like paying by installments or paying cash on arrival are possible according to agreement. If a participant books a placement on short notice (less then six weeks prior to arrival) all fees are due within one week.

2. Registration and Program Fees

The registration fee is 200 Euro.
The program fee is 150 Euro per week in a dorm in the volunteer house or in a host family
If accommodation in a single room in the volunteer house is desired the charge is 200 Euro per week.
The fees do not include flights, visas, insurance, vaccinations and other personal expenses.

3.Use of fees

The registration fee includes:

  • Pre-arrival support through emails, WhatsApp, telephone and video calls
  • Finding a project regarding the wishes and ideas of the volunteers/interns
  • Two transfer (pick up from and drop off to airport/bus station)
  • Town tour in Arusha on the first day after your arrival
  • Visiting the project on the first working day
  • 50 Euro project donation*

*Unfortunately, there are things you can not buy with time and good will. Teachers need their salaries, (animal) food and medical bills must be paid. That’s why we decided to donate ¼ of the registration fee to our Viva Tanzania Volunteer’s Fund. The projects will receive, according to their needs, either cash or in-kind donations from Viva Tanzania. Please get in touch for more information.

The program fee includes:

  • Breakfast and dinner seven days a week
  • Accommodation in a four-bed room in a hostel or with a host family, single rooms available on request
  • 24/7 availability
  • German and English speaking contact people on-site

 4.Changes in prices

Viva Tanzania has no influence on price changes by third parties; these have to be paid by the participants, after proof provided by Viva Tanzania. Viva Tanzania reserves the right to raise prices and fees in cases such as increased food prices or utilities. This may only be subject to prior notice and will not be applied retroactively to already booked services.

5.Cancellation by the participant / not used service
If a participant decides to cancel the trip prior to arrival or while in Tanzania there is no right of reimbursement.

6.Cancellation by Viva Tanzania
Viva Tanzania reserves the right to dismiss participants who do not follow the rules set by Viva Tanzania and/or the Tanzanian laws. In this case there is no entitlement of reimbursement of fees already paid.

7.Project intermediation
The project placement will be arranged taking into consideration the wishes and ideas of the participants as well as ability and demand of volunteers/interns. Nevertheless, it must be considered that sometimes the projects may receive volunteers and interns from other sources. Therefore, in exceptional cases it can happen that the desired project is not available. In this case Viva Tanzania will propose an appropriate and equivalent replacement project.

A project change is only permitted if justified, upon agreement with Viva Tanzania. Nevertheless, the participants will have the opportunity, if discussed in advance, to participate in more than one project.

8.Office hours and reachability
Office hours are from 9am until 8pm. During this time you will always find one of our Viva Tanzania staff members in the hostel. Apart from being present in the hostel Viva Tanzania staff members are available 24/7 via telephone and will come to the hostel or host family any time needed.

9.Accommodation and board
We offer different types of accommodation. Depending on their wishes, our participants are accommodated in our hostel or with a host family. In the hostel we offer shared rooms, with a maximum of four people. We try to separate the rooms by gender but cannot always guarantee this. If accommodation in a single room (surcharge) is desired, please let us know in the registration form.

Viva Tanzania provides breakfast and dinner. Breakfast consist of tea, coffee, bread, margarine, honey, peanut butter, jam, eggs, fruits and vegetables. Dinner is mostly typical Tanzanian, but we also cook international food from time to time.

We expect the participants to observe the conditions laid down by Viva Tanzania. This includes to keep the hostel clean and tidy, sometimes to help with the cooking, tablecloths and washing dishes. Bed linen are provided and can be changed upon request, participants need to bring their own towels.

10. Security in the accommodations
The district Mianzini where the hostel is located is a local, but safe area. We are protected by a more than two meters high wall, a night guard and our dogs. We offer safes for storing your valuable belongings.

Also all of our host families are in a safe location. In addition, all rooms can be locked so that your valuables can be safely stored here.
Nevertheless, Viva Tanzania assumes no liability for any lost or stolen items from the hostel or the host families.

11. Insurance
Viva Tanzania highly recommends all participants to take out an insurance for their time in Tanzania. There are different insurance for your health, travels, luggage, etc. Please check with your local insurance company which insurance policies are appropriate for you. Viva Tanzania cannot be held responsible for accidents, lost or stolen items or any other incident while in Tanzania.

12. Act of nature beyond control / Force Majeure

If a participant can’t travel to Tanzania and participate in the booked program due to
– acts of nature beyond control
– force majeure such as wars, riots, closed borders, epidemics, pandemics, natural disasters (fire, floods, earthquakes, storms)
– or other unforeseeable reasons which neither the participant nor Viva Tanzania can influence
the participant is not entitled to any reimbursement of payment already made.

However, the participant can make use off fees that have already been paid at a later date. In that case a voucher will be provided.

13. Disclaimer/Limitation of liability

Participants travel to Tanzania at their own risk. They are responsible for their own insurances and well-being. We advice all participants to contact their local doctor and a specials for tropical diseases prior to their travels. 
Viva Tanzania can only held responsible for service directly booked through us like accommodation, board, on-site support and the intermediation of projects. In case of any disagreement Viva Tanzania will take care of an appropriate indemnification in the sense of service. Participants are not entitled to any financial refund. Viva Tanzania always strives to ensure that participants and partner projects are satisfied. All claims for compensation must be made on site, claims made afterwards cannot be accepted and taken into account.

Further information can be found in the ”Frequently Asked Questions” and in the handbooks.

Tanzanian law applies.

Terms and conditions are valid till further notice.
Last update: January 2021

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