Arusha Modern School

Arusha Modern School Viva Tanzania volunteering

The Project

Arusha Modern School is a private school established in 1999, founded by Mr. Masoud. Presently, the school has around 150 students ranging from preschool to grade 7. The preschool and primary school are in the same compound so volunteers will have the flexibility to teach a wide range of ages.

Arusha Modern School Viva Tanzania volunteering
Arusha Modern School Viva Tanzania volunteering
Arusha Modern School Viva Tanzania volunteering

Your Work


School begins at 8am and finishes at 3pm.

Lunch will be provided for the volunteers.

Daily activities include:

You will be expected to: 

  • Assist the teachers in class and help teach subjects. These subjects include English, Maths, History, Geography, Art, Sports, and Biology.
  • Teach students the requirements set by the school and the Education Ministry.
  • Share new knowledge and experiences with both staff and students.
  • Exchange cultural experiences with staff and students
  • Participate in class activities with the students and ensure the students are under supervision.
  • Help the children with their homework.
  • Help children who have learning disabilities.
  • Sing songs with the preschool students.
  • Prepare lessons.

No previous experience is necessary

This project does not require any previous experience. Arusha Modern School welcomes all volunteers and appreciates their ideas and support. Please keep an open mind and remember that the conditions in schools in Tanzania are quite different to schools in your home country. The classrooms are often poorly equipped, for example.


This project is a 5 minute walk from the hostel and is also easily accessed via public transport.

“I spent two months in Tanzania working as teacher in a primary school. It has been a fantastic experience, and I’m grateful to Viva Tanzania to have made this possible. I chose this project because I wanted to try a teaching experience and also because I was very attracted by the environment in the north of Tanzania, and I have to say that all my expectations have been totally fulfilled. Tizia has made the preparation of my trip simpler by giving me many useful tips, and the same applies for the duration of my stay. The impact with Tanzania was great, and I have to thank Tini too who came twice to pick me up at the airport (due to the huge delay of my flight). Food was also good, especially because we could try different local dishes. The school is in a really nice context, and all the staff has been extremely friendly and helpful with me. At the moment I arrived, one of the teacher had just moved to an other school, therefore I had the feeling that my help was especially important in that period, and this also gave the interesting opportunity to do all the lessons on my own. I was mainly teaching English, mathematics and French. Although it was my first experience in teaching to children, I got used quite quickly. The pupils were really nice, although very agitated and excited (as most of the kids are!), and I will remember their enthusiasm when I said that I wanted them to teach me some Swahili. All in all, it has been a very rich and exciting experience that I would redo again and again if the opportunity comes.”

Jule, 23, Germany

Founder’s interview:

Arusha Modern School Viva Tanzania volunteering

Project price

2 weeks:650€
3 weeks:850€
4 weeks:1.050€
Every additional week:200€


You can choose between a single room or four-bed room in the hostel.

Project length

The minimum stay is two weeks. Due to visa regulations you can spend a maximum of two years as a volunteer in Tanzania.

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