Everything about safaris

Expected expenses

The expected expenses depend on number of days and people and accommodation. If a group is choosing to camp it will approx. be 200US pr. Day. However private tours and lodges are of course more expensive and also depending on the different lodges. The price includes park entrees, overnight fees, etc.

Number of days

A common question is often; “How many days to do a safari?” Usually people choose between 2-5 days depending on budget and interest. A large amount of time will be spend driving and therefore this must be taking in consideration, however more days allow you to explore more National Parks. In 5 days you will have time to explore the entire northern part of Tanzania hereunder The Tarangire National Park, Norongoro Crater Conservation, Serengetti National Park and Lake Manyara National Park.

Time of the year

So, when to go? There is no certain time that is better than any other – you can go all year around. However, we recommend avoiding rain season, which is April, May and November. Also be aware of high season and the therefore also higher prices.

Accommodation and Food

You can chose to either camp or stay at lodges. Both accommodations include breakfast and dinner at the campsite or lodge. If choose to camp you will be served toast, pancake, jam, coffee and tee for breakfast. For dinner you will be served with soup as a started and for the main course mostly traditional African potato/rice/pasta dishes will be served.
If you chose to stay at lodges, then you will have larger options. No matter if you chose to camp or to stay at a lodge you will during the day be provided a lunchbox. There are always taken cares for special needs; vegans, vegetarian etc. Just make sure to inform concerning this.


A rule of thumb is to tip around 10USD per. Person per Day. All the workers participating in your safari adventure including your guide, cook etc will be dividing the tip.