Kikuletwa Hot Springs

Why you should add Kikuletwa Hot Springs to your Bucket list:

This activity is located near Moshi, a 2 hours drive from Nyumbani Hostel. We started our adventure at 9 o’clock in the morning and drove through the morning traffic of Arusha. After passing a few villages, evading a herd of donkeys and admiring the nature(on a clear day you´ll see the Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain of Africa) we reached our destination: The Kikuletwa Hot Springs also known as Maji Moto or Chemka Hot Springs.

I’ve rarely seen such clear and blue water! With big trees, palms and other plants surrounding the clear water, it seemed like we discovered a hidden oasis.

We´ve been there early, which I would recommend to take good photos because later it gets really crowded. If you have goggles or a GoPro, bring it! The sights under water are really stunning and material for good photos.

It’s possible to borrow a rubber ring for 5 000 shillings, which is definitely more relaxing because the current is pretty strong and swimming can be transformed into a small workout. 🙂

Besides, there is a swing loop to use and jump in the water or try other stunts. If that´s not your thing just watch the guests or locals doing spins and somersaults at the robe or jumps from the five metre high tree. That´s a small attraction for itself.

 While swimming or dipping your toes in the water you may feel a tickle. These are small fish which are eating your dead skin, mainly on your feet. Sounds weird or even disgusting, but remember somewhere else  people are paying a lot of money to get this kind of pedicure.

After a few hours you will definitely be hungry. There are local restaurants where you can grab lunch. It is freshly made and very delicious! After swimming and being in the water, a real treat!

These Hot Springs are worth a visit, so will get a unique experience in this hidden paradise.