How Many Became One

In this series we look at the rich blend of people that belong to Tanzania, where they come from and how they put aside differences to become one nation, one people, respecting one another’s beliefs.

With an estimated population of around 40 million people, Tanzania is a cauldron of ethnicity, culture and history. The Republic of Tanzania has evolved the greatest linguistic diversity in the whole of the African continent, with four major African language bases, ranging from Bantu, Cushitic and the Nilotic languages to the less comprehensively spoken Khoisan or ‘click’ languages of the bushmen.
Within these broad language groups, the different people of Tanzania are of hugely mixed racial origins, with around 129 ethnic groups divided and sub-divided into smaller internal groups.

With such diversity, it would be easy for the country to struggle in common communication, but the rise and growth of Swahili as a national language has seen the people become one; a National Language for all tribes and peoples of Tanzania. Without this, there would still be divides, struggle and, possibly, conflict.
Like Nyumbani, this country has become a home for all who seek it – whatever their beliefs, customs and traditions.