Things to do on a budget in Arusha

Travelling on a budget? Here are some tips and activities you can undertake for a minimum expense but still have a great experience!

First of all, learn how to go around with the dala dala and maybe even download the InDrive app, which is the Tanzanian Uber. This will definitely help you safe some money for more interesting things than transportation.

Second of all, safari is expensive no matter what, where and with whom you want to arrange a trip. This is because the entrance fee is very high for non-residents and must be paid each day. So the best advice is to choose a company who goes by the official rules and are CSR aware in terms for social and environmentally conscious. And to minimise your cost choose only a one or two day safari trip.

Third, there are plenty of day trips, which are not that expensive to undertake but still gives you a major experience! You can for an example take a coffee tour where you will meet the local Meru people showing you their culture and traditional coffee making process from growing, roasting and grinding. Also you can choose to visit a Maasai village on a day trip, where you will be amazed by their simple way of living and their cultural tradition. Another daytrip proposal is to go to the Chemka hot springs if you are interested in beautiful nature! All days trip are included lunch, transport and entrance fee – so no extra cost besides tips for the guide.

Other activities you can undertake in Arusha for a very small charge is going to the movies, having salsa lesions, watching basketball game and/or going to the Maasai market in town and do some shopping.