The Project

In the Venance Care Foundation about 21 children from the age three to five years are being taken care of. The children are coming from the neighbourhood, which mainly consists of poor families, meaning that only very few parents can afford the little money for the school fees, which should help to cover the rent and facilities of the classroom, the two teachers’ salaries and the morning snack.

Your work

You will start in the morning at 8 am. The children are supervised only until 11am because the Foundation has no money to offer a full lunch the children. This has to change in the future, of course! In the three hours the children are taught in reading, writing, arithmetic and English. But playing is also not neglected. Afterwards up to 1 pm you will work at the website of the project together with Venance. You can become active in the marketing and fundraising area as well. Even children from low-income families should be supported by sponsorships in the future. Furthermore, the curriculum as well as teaching methods must be developed and discussed with the teacher Angela and Venance.