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Levolosi Hospital

Levolosi hospital Tanzania internship
Seliani Lutheran Hospital

The Project

Levolosi Health Centre is one of the several public primary healthcare facilities within Arusha. It is owned by the government of Tanzania. The centre provides a large range of healthcare services, with the main focus on the reproductive care and child health.

This health centre, which has a 45-bed capacity, can attend an average of 150 to 200 outpatients per day, with more than 500 surgeries per year.

The available departments are: medical midwifery, dental physiotherapy, radiology, nursing, pharmacy, and emergency medicine.

Levolosi hospital Tanzania internship
Levolosi hospital Tanzania internship
Levolosi hospital Tanzania internship

Your Work


The volunteer hours begin at 8am to at 3pm, but if you’re interested in having more hours, you’ll be allowed. It is also possible to work on night shifts or on weekends if you wish. Lunch is not provided.

Daily activities

You will be working with the hospital staff and follow them on their daily routines. You will be able to assist during ward rounds, take part and assist in the theatre, follow nurses and doctors in different clinics such as Diabetic clinic, HIV/AIDS clinic, Reproductive and child health. Always depending on your experiences, interests and the current need of the hospital. They always make sure you have an experienced supervisor who will guide you.

Required experience

The required experience for this project is that you must be either a student or trained in the medical profession, or qualified in the medical field.


This project is located 4.5kms (2.8miles) from the hostel and can be reached by public transport.

Please note

This project requires a one time donation of US$100. This donation is not included in the program fee, and has to be paid cash in US-Dollar. Furthermore, you are expected to send us your proof of academic certificates.

The donation is not included in the registration or program fee and needs to be paid directly in cash to the project on your first day.

Founder’s interview:

Seliani Lutheran Hospital

Read our


"I worked as a volunteer at Levolosi Hospital for four weeks through Viva Tanzania. When I arrived, Viva Tanzania helped me apply for my volunteer visa and introduced me to the hospital. Volunteering at the hospital is organized in a similar way to "western" hospitals. I was able to choose which area I wanted to work in and a volunteer coordinator asked me what I wanted to learn and experience during my time there. The people there were super friendly and I was even invited to a nurse's home for dinner and the volunteer coordinator and Viva Tanzania staff also checked in with me regularly to make sure I was having a good experience. There are many tasks that can be done by people with professional degrees as well as students and others, as the professional staff are often involved in cleaning, decorating, etc. The nurses were very happy to teach me how to mop, as we Americans obviously have a different method for that 😉 Although I spent most of my time volunteering at the clinic doing the minor medical procedures, I was also able to observe operations and was even allowed to help a little, for example adjusting the surgeon's headlamp when the power went out). Knowledge of Kiswahili would be useful, but is not necessary. It's really a great place for an internship or rotation for a medical or nursing student."
Jennifer, 23
Levolosi hospital Tanzania internship
Levolosi hospital Tanzania internship
Levolosi hospital Tanzania internship

Project price

2 weeks: 650€
3 weeks: 850€
4 weeks: 1.050€
Every additional week: 200€

Please note: Working here involves a donation of 100 US-Dollar per month for the use of the material / instruments and your incorporation and management. This donation is not included in the program fee.


You can choose between a single room or four-bed room in the hostel.

Project length

The minimum stay is two weeks. Due to visa regulations you can spend a maximum of two years as a volunteer in Tanzania.

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