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Future Stars Academy

Future Stars Acadamy Viva Tanzania

The Project

The Future Stars Academy (FSA) was founded by Alfred Itaeli in 2009. This non-profit organization helps to empower young children and teenagers both physically and mentally, through sport. FSA provides football training, competitions, and tournaments for young people aged 4 to 20 years old. The Future Stars Academy gives these young people a chance to build their football and life skills, which can continue to support and empower them in later years.

Future Stars Acadamy Viva Tanzania
Future Stars Acadamy Viva Tanzania
Future Stars Acadamy Viva Tanzania

Your Work


The working days are from Monday to Thursday, and Saturday.
Work starts at 9 am and usually ends at 4 pm. Lunch is not provided.
From Monday to Thursday 9 am – 1 pm, volunteers will be working In the office.
Some afternoons from Monday to Thursday, volunteers will have the chance to go to local schools to help with football training.
Saturdays from 10 am to 12 pm, will be football training.

Daily activities include:

  • Assist in developing and training programs
  • Running and hosting of sports camps
  • Help coaching children and youth
  • Assist with marketing, social media and fundraising
  • Team building
  • Monitoring and evaluation of sports activities

No prior experience required

This project does not require any previous experience, however, any related skills are helpful, as is a love for football.

PLEASE NOTE: The project asks for a donation of 50 USD per week. The donation is used for buying sport equipments, support football trainings and staff salaries.

The donation is not included in the registration or program fee and needs to be paid directly in cash to the project on your first day.


The project’s office is located 10 KM (6.8 miles) from our hostel, and is accessible via public transport.

Founder’s interview:

Future Stars Academy

Read our


“Ever since I was little, my heart has been beating for soccer. I was all the more excited when I saw that I could actually combine this passion with my plan to explore the world. The Future Star project appealed to me right from the start and contact was established fast and easily. The organization of the volunteer work was done quickly thanks to the great help of Viva Tanzania and so I was on the plane to the south earlier than expected. My first day in the project was already a complete success, I was warmly welcomed by everyone and had a lot of fun teaching the children new tricks with the ball. The next few weeks flew by and it was wonderful to see how everyone slowly became a great team. During my time there, we not only played soccer but also organized competitions with other teams, set up the office, created flyers to promote the project to other interested parties and promoted the project's social media pages. I would never have thought that a soccer project in Tanzania could give me so much back and teach me so much for life. The time was over far too quickly! Asante Sana my friends!”
Martin 19
Future Stars Acadamy Viva Tanzania
Future Stars Academy
Future Stars Academy
Future Stars Acadamy Viva Tanzania
Future Stars Acadamy Viva Tanzania
Future Stars Acadamy Viva Tanzania

Project price

2 weeks: 650€
3 weeks: 850€
4 weeks: 1.050€
Every additional week: 200€


You can choose between a single room or four-bed room in the hostel.

Project length

The minimum stay is two weeks. Due to visa regulations you can spend a maximum of two years as a volunteer in Tanzania.

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