Horebu Hill Dispensary


The Project

The Horebu Hill Dispensary was established in the year 2016 by Doctor Kitiwi, with the aim of helping the near by Maasai community with the supply of health service. On an average day over 30 patients are cared for. The dispensary has 13 employees, two doctors, five medical attendants, three nurses/midwives, two laboratory technicians and one Pharmacist. The dispensary covers the following areas:
– Internal ward
– Maternity Ward with Prenatal Care
– Family planning
– Minor surgeries
– HIV & AIDS counselling
– Ultra sounds
– General Health check ups

Your Work

As usual day starts at 8 am. In agreement with doctor Kitiwi you will decide which unit you work in depending on your knowledge and interest. This means that your daily work load and work times depend on your specialization and on the demand of the dispensary. A usual work day ends at 3pm and you will be required to work five days a week (Monday-Friday). Under the guidance of doctor Kitiwi and the other workers, you will take over various tasks such as doing ward round, patient care, deliveries in the women’s ward and assistance with the minor operations that they do. For all interns and volunteers working in the dispensary an individual work plan will be discussed so that you know exactly what your tasks are and what unit will you be active in.

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